Press and Public Affairs Section


The Press and Public Affairs Section deals with all the public diplomacy work of Germany’s NATO delegation, organises press events with the German Foreign and Defence Ministers, and represents Germany in the relevant NATO bodies. The section works in close cooperation with NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division.  Our spokeswoman, Nadine Skale, is the first point of contact for correspondents accredited in Brussels for the German and international media. The team uses the delegation’s Twitter account to provide day-to-day updates on Germany’s role within NATO. It also looks after groups visiting NATO headquarters.

On press matters, you can contact Nadine Skale directly at pr-1-na@brue.auswaertiges-amt.de.

For NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division, please use the following e-mail address: mailbox.publicdiplomacyinformation@hq.nato.int

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